My name is Zoe Wolf and I am a CFX artist currently situated in Montreal. My main strengths lie in digital wardrobe using Marvelous Designer and cloth simulation (usually nCloth), but I also have skills in fur/hair simulation, skin and crowd. I have applied these in both small-scale personal projects as well as Blockbuster Movies such as Wonder Woman or more recently The One And Only Ivan.

I am experienced in working in or even leading small teams, but I am also very capable of getting things done with very little guidance.


I obtained my BA in Animation & Game Design in Spring 2016. Here, I gained several years of experience in team-based projects working on animated shorts. I have a passion for creating these types of films and never hesitate to further my technical understanding.


Ever since I was a child, I've had a love for clothing and color, which has only grown with my increased skill set both in CG and the "real world". I have a special interest in the more technical design aspects and started focussing more and more on my main strengths – Cloth Simulation and Design. My goal is to create an immersive and cohesive world using these tools, leaving the viewer with a sense of wonder.


Digital Wardrobe

See more of my Tailoring & Cloth Simulation work here. 


Fluffy and hairy things over here


More of my Look  and Texture work here

3D generalist

And more general work here